White Cedar Reed Diffuser


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This scent captures the distinct aromas of natural cedar wrapped in a sophisticated diffuser reminiscent of a genderless eau de parfum. This complex scent begins with a whisper of bergamot that opens up to oakmoss and cooling camphor. Notes of cedar and patchouli wrapped in amber and benzoin ground this aromatic, earthy fragrance.

These are infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli, lemon, geranium, and eucalyptus.


Made by yours truly, these have been one of my most popular requested items and they're here in all your fave Palms, Psalms, & Prosecco scents! 

We've included EIGHT reeds for this baby -- the more reeds you use, the stronger the scent so we recommend using all eight! (and trust me, these are hands down the best reed diffusers I've ever used - my whole basement smells amazingggg) Our reed diffuser sticks are made from high-quality, all-natural rattan reeds responsibly harvested and sourced from Indonesia. Each reed is precision cut to avoid crushing the channels that carry the solution up to the top and to ensure you get a great fragrance throw.

Diffuser comes with eight reeds, matte white glass diffuser bottle with a PPP branded scent name label on the front, diffuser scent/solution in the bottle, and all wrapped in a cream organza drawstring bag.

  • Keep out of reach of pets and small children
  • Do not ingest the liquid
  • Avoid placing in areas where the bottle can be knocked over
  • May damage wood and porous surfaces if spilled

How to use: Pull the lid plug out, screw cap/lid on the bottle, place reeds into the container, and spread the top of the reeds out, allowing air to flow between them. Place your finished reed diffuser in the desired area. Replace with new reeds and solution every 2-3 months (refills and extra reeds are available through us!). Do not flip your reeds, as it will cause the reeds to clog and the scent won't be released.

*Many states have restrictions on the VOC percentage of reed diffusers. VOC's or Volatile Organic Compounds are compounds that are harmful and create indoor air quality problems. Our reed diffusers are non-toxic, and VOC compliant in all 50 states, so you can be confident that our reed diffusers meet indoor air quality regulations. This product does not contain DPG or phthalates. 

Size: 4 oz. / 3.75" h x 2.62" w

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