Go the F*ck to Sleep Silver Soy Candle


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Hand poured 16 oz soy candle with three wicks.

Continuing on with our new metallic candle jars! These metallic silver jars are BEAUTIFUL when burning and such a statement decor piece! These ones feature a scent created from one of my employees (Meghan) and it's been a huge hit! There's notes of lavender, sandalwood, rosemary, sage, vanilla and it's the perfect scent to burn in your bedroom when you're a night owl and can't sleep. Of course, we had to include a well placed f-bomb. It's a must ;) 

To keep it burning like the awesome candle it is, be sure to trim the wicks every time you light them. Note: these candles are homemade and hand poured, so please keep in mind that there might be an imperfection here and there.

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