Merica est. 1776 Soy Candle


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Hand poured 16 oz. soy candles with two eco wicks. 

Featuring a red and blue swirl with a black lid and a brand new scent for us, you might be the hit of your 4th of July party with this candle! Label: 'Merica est. 1776

This scent just screams summer! With a big dose of fresh Watermelon, a teeny bit of Fireside (because fireworks, duh), and a subtle undertone of Sandalwood, Musk, Powder, and Wood, it's a really fun new scent to try out in these warmer months!

To keep it burning like the awesome candle it is, be sure to trim the wicks every time you light them. Note: these candles are homemade and hand poured, so please keep in mind that there might be an imperfection here and there.

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