Large Wood Tray - Rustic


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Large Wood Tray - Rustic
Large Wood Tray - Rustic

These minimalist wood trays are perfect in the kitchen for soap dispensers, pairing with our signature candles in centerpieces, and for layering and styling perfectly curated shelves.

• Size: 14" x 4" x 1"
• Material: Paulownia Wood
• Color: Rustic Wood Tray with White Distressed Details
• Waterproof: A Coating was Added, But Do Not Let Water Sit In Tray
• Designed in the USA, Imported

• Easy to Clean - Use a Soft Damp Cloth or Rinse with Water and Pat Dry
• Not Suitable for Long-term Water Immersion or Using with Rough Material to Clean or it will Break the Water Resistance
• Not Intended for Food Use
• Not Microwave Safe or Dishwasher Safe

Large Wood Tray - Rustic
Large Wood Tray - Rustic

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