Citronella Soy Candle


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Eff off pesky mosquitoes! Being a true Minnesotan and needing all the mosquito repellent a girl can get, I went shopping for a citronella candle but they all smelled SO gross to me so I decided to make my own (and she actually smells good!).

A top note of lemon peel adds a boost of citrus to the lemongrass heart of this baby. This candle doesn't just smell great, but helps deter mosquitoes, too! Citronella candles are great for picnics, campsites, and backyard barbecues. The green and herbal scent is both refreshing and functional! This candle is infused with natural essential oils, including citronella, eucalyptus, and geranium.

Hand poured 13 oz soy candle with three eco wicks in a ceramic jar without a lid. I left the candle label off the jar so you can reuse her when it’s done burning! Warning label on the bottom will say “citronella” on it so you can easily identify it.

Note: these candles are homemade and hand poured, so please keep in mind that there might be an imperfection here and there. Be sure to trim the wicks in between uses and bring your candles inside once they've cooled after you're done using it for the day.

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